LÁSZLÓ KRISKÓI completed my first film when I was 14, which garnered me instant fame among my friends at the time. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long before launching my professional career either: I have been filming commercial spots, music videos, and TV programs since I was 22 years old. By now I have tried my hand in almost every genre, but my biggest dream—shooting a major motion picture—still has to happen yet. My most heartfelt aim is creating value through my films. My story with Saxon has started over a decade ago; together we have shot spots for Puma, Herend Porcelain Manufactory, Budmil, T-Systems and several other successful clients.






1987 – my experimental video “Secret Channels” won the Grand Prize of the Public Education Fund established by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs at the Nyíregyháza Video Survey
1990 – Hungarian TV Commercial Festival, Formula1, 3rd place
1998 – My documentary titled “Little People” was awarded the Tolerance Prize of the Anatomy Foundation
1999 – EPICA category winner (Chio – The Cheese Experts)
1999 – Voted “Best Hungarian Commercial Spot of the Year” by marketing journal Advertising Age
2000 – Z+ Music Mania music video festival, 2nd place in Best Director category
2001 – “Ladies’ Choice” TV show
2005 – “Skizo” short film
2006 – “Golden Corner I-III” documentaries
2007 – “Noah’s Arc” (directed by Pál Sándor), making-of
2008 – “Outlaw Country” documentary
2008 – “The stars must be crazy” reality show
2010 – “Spirit Hotel” film, Brazil International Tourism Film Festival – Silver Macaw