The proper content building is aligned with customer needs and available on the right channel. When the timing is just as well-adjusted then our content can immensely help us reach our business goals. For this to happen, we need to get ahold of the information which can typically be derived from market-oriented research.

Human perspective of content building:

  • Relevant, informative, consistent
  • Builds trust and brand likeability

Search robot perspective of content building:

  • Due to search engine optimization (SEO), any content needs to own keywords and terms for which we would like the content to be listed on the first page of organic search engine result pages (SERP). This is what good keyword research can help with. Short and longtail keywords and terms can be different page by page



We know well that sustaining interest towards the content we share could require such effort and time that is often beyond our capacity and resources. Most likely, this is the most energy-draining task we can face in online communication because it is not enough to create content just to meet this “online requirement”.

In short, content needs to be eligible for the search habits and customs of our audience and it gives the information and/or entertainment the visitors long for.

For the content to help us reach our business goals, we need to establish its base consciously by collecting all insights about our customers’ behavior and interests. If the strategy is built up well, the visitors can interact with the elements of content more easily. If it does not, then it will get “liked” by only colleagues out of duty.



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