Efficient keyword or search word research can only be thorough. This also applies to websites with a simple design that showcases only one product family or offers very few services. In these cases, keyword research needs to be conducted on multiple levels. Why? Because every potential client may be in a different phase of decision-making, and they don’t necessarily search the web using the same keyword for the same product.

Our keyword research focuses not only on a website’s content—in reality, but a page can also only point us to the general direction in which we need to conduct our research. The scope of the study is determined by the mentality of the target group, which means we have to find out what motivates them and how this shows up in their thinking. The entire research needs to be repeated from time to time, because trends may change quickly, which would modify the views of the target group—and the keywords they might use.

Expressions (combinations) gained through well-established keyword research can be useful in two critical areas:

1. A search network (AdWords) campaign can be launched with expressions providing more accurate indicators;

2. Based on these expressions, optimized content can be created, which would result in more organic hits.

We can safely say that research serves as the foundation of any type of online strategy. The research process can be concluded separately or as part of our performance-based programs.



PR is the formatting of the public image that your company shows, the information people should know about your business, which can be based on

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