T-Systems International and the Hungarian Telecom’s shared company T-Systems Hungary is Europe’s second-biggest IT services provider. It is present in 25 countries and has 45 thousand employees.


Ltd. and its precedents have been successful in the Hungarian market for more than 10 years. It stresses the fact that in more than 20 countries in the world it supports its customers with the precision and high-quality services we are used to.

Geographical distances and different languages don’t mean difficulty. Global Service Desk Hungary does not only provide a reliable, instantaneous help for end-users in the regions of Germany, Austria, and other countries, but they are keen to help with other queries as well. The image adverts communicate achievements that require teamwork. The core theme is a sailing boat that can only reach safely its goal with a trustworthy partner.

The frame of the movie is wall climbing which demands real teamwork. Just like in this sport, at work punctuality, preciseness and quickness are qualities that cannot be missing. The main message of the movie is that this is a well-organized world standard company where nothing is impossible.